Finding the Chocolate Crème

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Visit a chocolate shop, and you’ll often find a back room with seconds at a reduced price. Maybe the pattern stamped into the confection is a little crooked, or the gooey center oozes through a tiny flaw.

There’s another difference, one that might make us rethink the section of the shop we’re in.

A first-run box of soft-center chocolates tells what’s in each piece. We open the box, and on an insert or underneath the lid, the locations of individual flavors are clearly marked.

There’s no guessing if we’re getting coconut, orange crème, or butterscotch delight. No poking required, no surprises when we take a bite. We know exactly what we’ve got.

That jumbled bag of chocolates from the back room? We don’t know what we’ll find when we bite into each one. Perhaps a cherry filling or even mocha or buttercream.

God tells us we can know exactly what to expect when we choose to visit his chocolate shop in John 6:47:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes has eternal life.”

We don’t want to bite into reincarnation, return as a ghost, enter a parallel universe, or realize the entirety of our existence was a figment of our imagination.

The words of Jesus reveal the plan on the inside of our chocolate box.

1. Acknowledge the divinity of Jesus.

2. Ask him to clear the slate of past misdeeds.

3. Accept him as your role model from that point on.

There you go, you’ve found the chocolate crème. The best is yours, and you get to enjoy it for all eternity.

Life can be sweet when we make Christ our first choice.

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