All Fingers Point to Jesus

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Yoga? Of course, you can practice yoga. Its focus on stillness and self-awareness is great for the mind and body.

How about getting back to nature? Walk the trails, breathe in the mountain air, and get to know yourself. You’re feeling better already.

We can even delve into religious beliefs of all sizes and types, even look for God in us. Humanism is the search for the potential value and goodness we all carry inside.

Even the Bible gives us truth, perhaps even leading us down a path toward enlightenment and a closer link with our fellow man.

Yet. Yet. The truth isn’t found in any of these.

Scraa-tch! Rewind that record. There’s a flaw in that statement. The truth is most certainly found in the Bible.

Sorry. That’s not what Jesus said. Read his words in John 5:39:

“You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me.”

The Bible points us to the truth: Jesus. Only in him can we find the salvation that leads to eternal life. Unless we come to a full awareness of Christ as the Son of God and ask him to take control of our lives, there is no salvation in the Bible. Scholarly men can be experts on Biblical lore and still not know Christ as the Lord of their life.

All fingers point to Jesus.

Yoga? The self-awareness we search for there is only found in Jesus.

Nature? It points to our Lord and King as the Creator of all life.

Religion? The truth revealed in Jesus is there if we take the time to look.

All fingers point to Jesus. He is our redemption, our renewed life, and our connection to the eternal Father in heaven. He is our goal, and in him, we find the truth.

Jesus is the way that leads to the only prize worth winning.

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