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Pine sap.

It’s the stickiest thing around. Walk under a pine tree. Sit on a bench under that pine tree.

You may have difficulty getting up. Once you touch pine sap (or resin), you can hardly get free.

Park your car under a pine tree, and everything else will soon start to adhere to your car. Dust, bird feathers, even bits of trash blowing in the wind. Lean against the car, and you may well leave fibrous bits of your clothing behind.

Heaven forbid a pine needle covered with sap gets in your pet’s fur. You may have to pull some hair out by the roots to get the needle free.

Here’s the point. Pine sap attracts everything around it. It carries it all around, and soon, the sap is hidden underneath all the other yucky stuff. Pine sap in itself is beautiful, a transparent, golden globule of honey goodness in appearance.

The truth is that pine sap is compulsively yummy in appearance only. If we eat it, we die. Pine sap is where we get turpentine, for goodness sakes. No one would eat turpentine.

Sin is the same. It looks tasty, but once we begin to imbibe, it gets all over us, is hidden by the trash that comes with it, and we can never get clean.

The Word of God is what we want stuck all over us.

Luke 11:28 tells us we must live by the Word.

“But he said, ‘Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!’ ”

Blessed are those who stick the Word all over them. Blessed are those who let the good things of God get stuck to them. Blessed are those who are hidden by the blessings of God because they are covered with the Word.

The Word of God changes us, and we become more like Christ.

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