2 Signs of a Wise Man

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It’s how we tell what’s what.

We shop at a resale store, hoping for something special. We drift to the clothing rack, and much of it is average, things we would rather spend a bit more for brand new.

Then we see Pierre Cardin. Patagonia. L.L. Bean. Ralph Lauren.

Our spine tingles, and we know we’ve hit the jackpot. We’ve found the best because the label tells us so.

Would we take a second look if the label were removed? If the store cut out the brand, would the fit, style, and texture convince us?

Are we willing to purchase something we might not consider otherwise simply because it sports an Ann Taylor or Louis Vuitton logo?

We base our decisions on observable fact. Labels are one way we can do that. There’s a history behind the names and logos that tell us if we are getting quality or junk.

Proverbs 17:28 tells us how to recognize the labels that reveal a wise man.

“Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.”

Our Wise Man Label:

The first sign of a wise man is keeping silent when we are uninformed. That’s seems simple enough, but how many people do we know who spout opinions based on emotion rather than fact? We may have even done it ourselves.

Our Sign of Intelligence:

The second sign of a wise man is to let other people have the floor. When we interrupt or ramble on, people will tune us out, disregarding our advice. Save that comment until the end, and people will pay attention.

Wisdom develops with common sense. It works in our Christian walk, also. Don’t jump on every bandwagon. Refuse to join in discussions that denigrate nonbelievers. Speak in kindness only what you know to be truth.

It’s the example Jesus gave us. Let’s live it.

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