The Winter Jacket

A man who goes by the affectionate nickname Boo Boo tells a story of a rough winter when he was sixteen.

His home life was tough, and he chose to live with neither of his parents, making him essentially homeless. That winter, his car broke down in front of a stranger’s house.

The homeowner noticed him outside standing in the blowing snow without a jacket, went to her son’s closet, and offered him a brand-new Mighty Ducks jacket to wear while waiting on a tow.

When help finally arrived, the homeowner refused the jacket and told him to keep it.

It wasn’t an expensive jacket, but it was the nicest thing Boo Boo had ever owned, and it was given to him for free. He wore it all winter and through the summer, too.

That experience changed his life. Now he looks for ways to do the same thing for others that need a hand up in life.

John 1:29 says:

“Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

Salvation, God’s gift to us when we were at our lowest and in need of help. How can we not want to share the good news with everyone we meet?

It may start with a jacket. It can end with a new life through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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