Becoming Human

Here’s the challenge:

How can we know how the other person lives?

The answer is that we must walk in the other person’s shoes.

Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut did exactly that. He wanted to get a feel for the struggles the homeless in his state experienced, so he shadowed Nick, a man who had recently lost everything, as he worked his way through the “system” while trying to get back on his feet.

Together, they went to a local shelter. Murphy was with Nick while he hunted for a job. And the two of them attended support-group meetings.

Murphy was changed by what he experienced and walked away with a new determination to help those in his state who needed it the most.

Now picture Jesus. Sitting at the right hand of God. Then, stepping into a baby’s body, born in a stable, and living a human life just to know what we experience and to learn how best to help us.

He even died a human death so he could get the total experience.

Luke 2:11 reveals the true magnitude of Jesus’ life on the Earth.

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”

A Savior. Did you catch those words? Jesus didn’t just come for academic reasons, to be able to return to Heaven and say, “Been there, done that.” He came to offer salvation to anyone who wishes to come to him.

Our salvation is in Christ. Turn to him today.

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