The Heart of the Machine

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How does your car work? Do you know?

Your refrigerator . . . what makes it cool your food?

Or your computer? Do you really understand how all those bytes, circuits, and microprocessors work? Seriously, a thousand-page document that can open in a second, every letter in order from the beginning to the end?

How does it do that?

Here’s the trick. Your “machine” isn’t what you see on the outside. That’s what makes it pretty, but it isn’t what makes it work.

A young YouTuber got a free car that had been sitting in a field for twenty years. The weathered Pontiac Fiero was built of plastic body panels attached to a steel frame. Each body panel could be removed without affecting the mechanical integrity of the car.

The YouTuber dissembled the body so he could concentrate on restoring what was underneath. He took the car on test drives without the body panels attached, and it drove perfectly.

Here’s the point: It was what was inside the machine that made it work. Not the part that made it sleek on the outside.

That’s what God wants from us, for our inside to be renewed for him.

Psalm 51:6 says:

“Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being, and you teach me wisdom in the secret heart.”

That YouTuber took the time and effort to patch, sand, and repaint the body panels before reattaching them to the car, but his true excitement came when the car started up and drove perfectly. The outside was a bonus, but the mechanics were the important thing.

When we search out the truths in God’s Word, and we desire to become wise in his ways, that’s what gets God excited.

Salvation restores the heart of the machine. God is a God of the heart, and he changes us from the inside out.

Once we are perfectly aligned with the Word, God’s blessings are his bonus gift to us.

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