Gathering Up Your Years

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How much time do you have?

You know, your dash, that small punctuation mark between your birth and your death.

You’ve seen it on tombstones, the mark that indicates the passage of time between one year and another.

For some people, the years amount to a handful, and for others, they can hardly gather them up.

On May 28, 2020, Robert Weighton of the UK released his 112 years and let them go.

What had Mr. Weighton experienced during his time on the earth? What came and went while he was living out his dash?

Electricity, once powered by coal, and now given to us by the sun and the wind.

Cars, wow! From 10 horsepower runabouts to the quickest race cars on the planet, snapping along at the Bugatti Chiron’s 304 MPH.

Phones, moving from earth-bound landlines to fantastical devices carried in our shirt pockets.

Two world wars, both impacting his homeland and wreaking havoc on his plans for his life.

The world was one way when Mr. Weighton was born, and it had become something totally different by his end.

Psalm 91:16 says:

“With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.”

It’s there if you want it. Long life, that is. Together with salvation, God holds it out to you.

Mr. Weighton’s advice for long life? Laughter.

God says we must choose to desire more of him.

Let’s step up to God and let him bless us with all the years we can stand. They’re out there waiting on us now.

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