The fresh smell of newly turned earth is a sign that spring has come. The fields are plowed, and newly planted grain awaits the rains. Life is ready to spring from the barren soils of winter.

When we turn from our sins and accept Christ as our savior, he sees our souls as freshly turned earth, ready for him to plant seed in order to bring forth the lushness of new life; for he is a VERDANT God, and all true life flows from him.

Let’s look at our VERDANT God:

V - He will fill our VESSELS to overflowing.

In 2 Kings 4:1-6, a widow in great need asked help of Elisha. She had nothing except a small jar of olive oil. He told her to gather all the vessels she could find, even to borrow from her neighbors. She began to pour oil from her jar, and the oil continued until all the vessels were full.

When we offer ourselves to God, he will fill us up to overflowing.

E – He will give us to EAT until we want no more.

In Matthew 15:35-38, from seven loaves and a few small fish, Jesus fed over 4,000 men, plus women and children.

When we know the pain of lack in our lives, Jesus will give us an abundance that will more than meet every need.

R – He is the RIVER that nourishes our souls.

In Psalm 65:9, we read that God cares for us. He watches over our lives; he enriches us; he provides for our every need. He is the stream that brings nourishment to our roots.

There is no eternal source of life other than God the Father who lives on high.


In Psalm 90:1, our limbs may grow weak, and our eyesight may fail, but until the ends of the earth, God is our DWELLING PLACE.

When all others abandon us, and we grow faint in our Christian walk, we can always find strength in God.

A – He is an ANCHOR for our soul.

Hebrews 6:19 tells us that we have a hope, one that is firm and secure. Jesus is an ANCHOR for our soul. He is the one who came to die on our behalf, that we might know life everlasting.

When we cling to him, the storms can rage, and we are safe in his arms.

N – He provides NOURISHMENT to our children.

In Genesis 50:21, Joseph reassures the brothers that wronged him so many years before, “I will provide NOURISHMENT for you and your children.”

When we come to Christ, our repentance brings blessings not just upon us, but upon our children and our children’s children.

T – He leads us in TRIUMPH against the world.

2 Corinthians 2:14 is our victory chant, for Christ leads us in a shout of TRIUMPH as we spread the knowledge of him to the ends of the earth.

When we let Christ be our master, the devil and his minions will fall by the wayside, and we will rise in TRIUMPH forevermore.

Death is found in the world, but to come to Christ is to find life anew.

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Rewind Wednesday: Originally Published on April 20, 2013 in Worship

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