Rekindled Love

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We must ask ourselves this question: Are we casually courting Jesus, or do we have a true love for him?

What is love? We know we have real love when we desire something above all else, no matter the cost.

Mother Teresa had true love for the poor. She gave her entire life to building a network of organizations to offer aid to those who could not help themselves. Thomas Edison failed 9,000 times before inventing his most financially successful invention, the alkaline battery. His love for science drove him, and even failure couldn’t cause him to give up.

When we come to Christ, we fall in love with him. He consumes us. We feel an irresistible desire to tell others about him, for we want to share our passion for our Lord.

However, what do we do when the love seems to fade away? We face the reality of shattered dreams. Personal hurts crush our spirit. The loss of worldly resources causes us to stumble. A loved one is taken from us.

Or maybe we feel God has let us down. Our desire for God slips through our fingers like a mist in the morning, and it is gone.

Can our desire for him ever be rekindled?

First, we must recognize there is a problem, and we must excise that problem from our life. The Word says no man can have two masters. We have to choose the one whom we will follow.

Psalm 42:1 says, “As the deer pants for the water, so my soul pants for you.”

We must place our hope in God. We must desire him more than anything. We must pant after him.

Our Heavenly Father will respond with love and compassion when we show our desire for him. We can't continue to court God, looking for blessing and material wealth. We must become his bride.

The best way to ignite our relationship is stated in John 19:37 and Zachariah 12:10. We must look upon him. We will find him so desirable we will not be able to resist him.

Look to Colossians 2:13. This verse tells us that Christ nailed all our sins to the cross, and we are now alive in him. What better reason for love is there than that?

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Rewind Wednesday: Originally Published on April 21, 2013 in Discipleship

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