Our FAN God

August is the cruelest of the summer months. The heat has built during June and July, the fields have dried, and there seems to be no relief from the dog days that have replaced the glory of early spring.

How can we survive yet another night of sweltering heat beneath the moon of an August heat wave?

That is when we need to break out the FAN, for our bodies are naturally attuned to the cooling effects of a breeze during summer’s worst times. The very perspiration that tells us the heat is up is what cools us when we step into the FAN’S refreshing breeze.

God is that FAN, coming to us in our most desperate times, and refreshing us with his cooling winds.

Let’s look at our FAN God:

F – He grants us FAVOR in our daily walk through this life.

Job 10:12 tells of the FAVOR of God, for in Job’s lowest time, he recognized that all goodness and life comes through the gracious hand of the Father.

A – He ANSWERS our cries of desperation so that we can know his relief.

Psalm 91:15 reassures us that the Father in heaven will ANSWER when we call unto him; he will be with us in our trouble; and he will rescue us and hold us in honor before the world.

N – He is the NEW commandment that lifts us to NEW heights in love.

John 13:34 speaks to Jesus’ true purpose in life. He is the NEW way of thinking, the refreshment in the time of trial, the love that draws the world to the Father. He wants his NEW commandment to be first in our lives, that we truly love one another as he loves us.

It is the love of Christ that truly brings cooling relief in the heat of summer. When we let that love shine in us, it will be as a cooling FAN, and we will know the relief that God can provide.

When we show love to one another, all our other problems will seem to melt into the background.

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Originally Published: 8-02-14 in Hope

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