Life keeps us so busy that sometimes we forget to keep God first place in our lives. Other things crowd our attention, and God seems to fade into the background.

However, we do not have a background God. He is bright and eternal, and filled with the everlasting luminance of the heavenly realm. He shines with a VIVID light that none can mistake for anything except divine glory.

Let’s look at our VIVID God:

V – He is VALIANT in all that he does.

Psalm 118 speaks not once of our VALIANT Lord, but twice. Two verses, 15 and 16, repeat the proclamation that the right hand of the Lord does great and mighty things.

When we see the mighty works of creation, we know our Lord is nigh.

I – He is IMMORTAL, standing supreme through all history.

1 Timothy 1:17 tells of the immense patience of our God, for he reigns forever, IMMORTAL upon the throne of heaven.

There can be no other king, for there is no other throne.

V – He is VEHEMENT in his arousal of his chosen vessels.

Jonah 4:8 tells of God’s VEHEMENT wind which scorched Jonah’s head, in order that he might listen to the Word of the Lord.

God will do what he must to convince us to do his will.

I – He INSTRUCTS us in the ways of righteousness.

Isaiah 28:26 tells us that even the farmer knows how to plant his seed, for God gives him sense for the harvest. In the same manner, God INSTRUCTS us to walk in his footsteps each and every day.

The wisdom of God is all around us. We only need open our eyes to see it.

D – He DISPERSES his will upon all the world.

Proverbs 16:33 tells us that even though the dice may roll in our favor, God DISPERSES his decisions without regard to chance or fortune.

There is no chance or favor without the permission of God, for he controls all events, even to the roll of the dice.

We do not need to worry about finding the mind of God. God will find us, and he will make his will known in his own good time.

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