Coddled in God’s Love

Why do we love a baby?

Not because it’s self-sufficient. Babies can do nothing for themselves.

Not because it always smells good. Have you ever changed a diaper?

Not because it’s unobtrusive when we have chores to do. A baby is self-centered and wants what it wants when it wants.

Our love for our baby supersedes all that. We love that baby in spite of all the things it does to disrupt our life. We don’t say to the baby, “If you sleep all night, then I’ll give you breakfast.” We simply do it out of love.

Daniel 9:18 tells us:

“We do not present our pleas before you because of our righteousness, but because of your great mercy.”

God loves us because we are us, his children, helpless before him, yet a treasure in his eyes.

Even the stink of our messes doesn’t divert his love from us. He may not love the stink, but he still loves us, and through his mercy, he helps clean up the mess so that we can once more be pure in him.

Have you slipped up, felt you failed God? He still loves you. You are coddled in his love. Reach your hands toward him, for he wants to lift you into his arms, sing a lullaby to you, and tuck you into bed at night.

It’s call mercy, love, affection, devotion, kindness, sympathy, compassion. It’s how God views his children.

God wants you to grow into good works, but he loves you because you are his child. His mercy is yours not because of your works, but because of his endless love for you.

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From Our FAN God,Posted 02 August 2014