Our Roller-Coaster Christian Life

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Today’s title sounds like an accusation against erratic Christian morals.

We can’t stay in line with the Lord’s Word, because we’re not totally committed.

That may be true for some people, but this lesson isn’t speaking to them. That’s not where we’re going right now. That’s another lesson on another day.

Let’s open with 1 Peter 5:6.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you.”

Do you see the roller coaster yet?

Imagine sitting in a roller coaster car, and you hit the big hill. The car jerks, the chain under the track rattles, and you begin the slow climb to the top.

How do you feel? Disappointed? Left out? Like life’s over, and you’ll never know excitement, joy, or love ever again?

Absolutely not. You’re filled with anticipation. This is the slowest, roughest part of the ride, and all you can imagine is the excitement of your roller coaster car leaping from the top of the hill, with the wind in your hair, and the excited yells of everyone around you.

You even look forward to the upcoming curves and corners, the ones that jerk you around and try to say, “You’re going to die! Too fast, too fast!”

It’s all a time of joy, even if your heart is racing when you reach the end of the ride.

That’s our Christian life. You may be at the bottom of the hill right now, and your life might be rough. You might be making the slowest progress you’ve ever achieved.

It’s time to get excited! Your blood should already be pumping!

God is lifting you to the highest hill! You are about to leap into your exciting life! Get ready for it, get ready for it!

If we humble ourselves and wait on God, he will exalt us into his promised success.

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Christ loves us, but one day, he will rise and destroy those who do not follow after him.

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