Those That Would Devour Us

There is the old fable of Androcles and the lion. Androcles removed a thorn from the wounded lion’s foot pad, thereby befriending the lion. Years later, Androcles was forced to fight in the Roman coliseum for his life against a wild animal.

That wild animal happened to be that same lion, and it refused to kill Androcles.

This was a charming series of events, but in the rest of the tale, the lion was now tamed. Emasculated, even. The greatest beast on earth had been demoted to little more than an affectionate pet, paraded about on a leash by the proud Androcles.

To put it another way, a deadly enemy, both fierce and powerful, had been removed from power in a manner unforeseen and completely surprising.

Such was the luck of the Edomites. They were the lion of early 5th century B.C. Their capital was Petra, and it was impregnable. All Edom had to do was growl and snap her jaws, and the world trembled in fear.

Yet God had other ideas. In Obadiah 1:1-5, he foretold that Edom would be brought to heel, becoming no more than a pet on a leash, despised even, among the heathen.

The great Edom, as mighty as a lion, and as exalted as an eagle, would have her wings clipped, and she would fly no longer.

That is what God does to those who would devour us. He changes their fierce nature, brings them to heel, and clips their wings. He lifts us up to a place of authority instead.

When we feel overwhelmed by the ferocious beast that has come against us, whether that beast is sickness, finances, or family turmoil, God can remove the thorn that stirs our enemy up, and that once-fierce creature will become no more than a leashed pet to walk at our side.

God can tame any situation, no matter what the devil brings against us.

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