3 Responses to Family Frustration

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We’re taught to believe a family should be a perfect unit, always getting along, with our squabbles turned over to Jesus, so we can coexist in peace in love.

NOT! That’s not real life by any slice of the apple.

Let’s look at this in realistic terms, because God does. He knows human nature, because he created us to be perfect in him AND THAT INCLUDES OUR FLAWED HUMAN NATURE.

First, Jesus vented to let off steam.

Yep, you read that right. Jesus – who never sinned, by the way – vented when he was frustrated. In one instance, Jesus asked, “How long must I put up with you?” Then he exclaimed, “What an unbelieving and perverse generation!” (Matthew 17:17)

We must give each other room to vent our feelings and opinion.

Second, Jesus dealt with problems as they arose.

The disciples had brought a boy to Jesus. Jesus questioned the father, and when he knew the situation, he took care of it by casting out the demon in the boy. (Matthew 17:14-19) In another, he met a woman accused of wrongdoing, and Jesus simply told her to change her ways and not sin any longer. (John 8:11)

We must stop handing out accusations. Deal with the problem and move on.

Third, Jesus discussed ways to resolve recurring problems.

The disciples asked Jesus why they couldn’t cast out the demon in the boy. Jesus used the situation to teach them how to improve their faith in God -- in this instance, their weak confidence in God’s power. (Matthew 17:19-21)

We must be honest about the problems in our family and accept the responsibility if we’re part of it.

God invites us to search ourselves to see how to better serve him. He knows our flaws, and he accepts them, but his plan is for us to work on them every day.

When we become like Jesus, problem-solving becomes part of our everyday goal.

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