Investing for Our Retirement

For most of us, money is hard to come by. We work long hours, and when we get paid, it seems it is never enough. There is an extra pair of shoes for Suzie. Donnie’s baseball fees are due again. That pesky squirrel ate another hole in the roof.

The money coming in never manages to quite cover the money going out.

However, financial planners are adamant that we cannot afford to ignore our future. It is vital to put dollars away now so that we have plenty to live on when we are in our golden years, even if it means there are things we cannot have now. Oh, that’s hard! Just ask a retiree, though. How many of them will tell you they wish they had saved less during their years of employment? Unless they are very rich, not a one.

We are also to put away for our spiritual future, invest for our spiritual retirement, so to speak. How do we do that, invest spiritually? Through a spiritual 401K account? After all, we live in today, and we have responsibilities we cannot simply ignore, like Suzie’s shoes, Donnie’s baseball fees, and the roof. How can we invest in our spiritual retirement on those days when our prayers seem to barely get us through the day?

Luke 12:42-44 is our retirement plan. It is the prospectus that lays out the details in plain language that all can understand. Here is what the Lord tells us:

Step #1 - We are to take care of today’s responsibilities. We must be faithful and wise, ensuring that others’ needs are taken care of, as well as our own.

Step #2 - God will check up on us to ensure that we have faithfully deposited our “faith and wisdom” into our spiritual 401K on a regular basis.

Step #3 - When we walk through heaven’s gates, we will be blessed with a generous retirement benefit, becoming a ruler over all the Lord possesses.

That’s all there is to it. Retirement 101. Be faithful and wise in all that we do, and we get the kingdom of heaven for our retirement bonus. How easy is that?

Our spiritual future is assured when we invest our today in our fellow man.

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