Shedding the Scales of Pride

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Take a lobster.

Or a snake . . . a crab . . . or many spiders. Even cicadas, scorpions, and centipedes do it.

They will suffocate in their own skin if they don’t toss it off like a worn-out coat.

How about the lowly caterpillar? It must shed its complete identity to become the beautiful creature we admire and enjoy.

Why do people think they can come to Jesus and not make any changes at all?

Galatians 5:26 says:

“Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.”

Conceit is an old, dried-out attribute that no longer wears well on a Christian. Slough it off. Let it slide into the gutter and wash away with yesterday’s dust and all manner of withered fall leaves.

Provoking one other is old and tired. It’s the skin of self that has seen better days. Let it go, like the shell of a crab. Be nice, not your old crabby self.

Envy, bah! That’s our old identity. We are brand new in Christ, butterflies that reflect our new beauty in him. There is nothing of our old self left when we walk with Jesus.

Conceit, provoking others, envy . . . these are all indicators of pride. We feel we should take center stage, and others are in our way.

When we shed our old scales of pride, we will shine with the love of Jesus, and the people around us will be drawn to the Savior.

When we change for Jesus, we will reflect him in everything we do and say.

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