Proof of Who We Are

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So, your claim is that you’re a Christian.

Prove it.

You heard that right. Put up your validation for everyone to see. Back up your words with facts and examples.

Here are ten ways to stake your claim beyond a shadow of a doubt:

  • It’s obvious! It’s how I’ve lived for decades.
  • All my friends agree, I’m living by God’s standard.
  • It had better be true, or I’ve gone way off course.
  • Look at my life’s accomplishments. They are all for Christ.
  • As you can see by my tithing record, I must be God’s child.
  • I have a certificate from my Sunday school class.
  • Even God says I’m part of his flock.
  • Well, I did say the sinner’s prayer.
  • If John over there is a Christian, then so am I.
  • I’ve always had this gut feeling that I’m closer to God than anyone thinks …

What? Do any of these make sense? Let’s look at Proverbs 20:11 and redefine how we prove our faith in Christ.

“Even a child makes himself known by his acts, by whether his conduct is pure and upright.”

How do we say it in common speech? The proof is in the pudding.

If we live a pure and upright life, if we adhere to the standards in the Bible, if we emulate the example Jesus lived, we can take our Christianity to the bank. That’s the gold standard of proof. It’s our unbreakable guarantee that we’re living exactly as God wants us to live.

Our proof of who we are is seen in the life we choose to lead.

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