State-of-the-Art Christianity

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It’s easy to fall back on the old ways of doing things.

We’ve heard the axiom: If it was good enough for Grandma, it’s good enough for me.

Yet, who would want to wash clothes with a ringer washer, hitch a buggy to head into town, or mow the lawn with a push mower?

Today we can keep in daily contact with cell phones, see who’s at the door using the camera in our doorbell, and get daily reports on our financial accounts sent right to our media devices.

We can even turn our house air conditioner on and off from miles away and request our car to drive to the front door from wherever it is in the parking lot even with no driver inside.

We’re living better than Grandma ever did.

Modern technology is our opportunity to put Proverbs 27:23 into practice.

“Know well the condition of your flocks, and give attention to your herds.”

Here are seven ways you can use today’s technology to live a state-of-the-art Christian life:

1. Set up your tithing on an automatic payment plan.

2. Monitor your kids’ Internet use with a nanny program.

3. Let your computer send you reminders of church members’ birthdays.

4. Write an article for the church bulletin even when you’re out of town. You can email it to the church secretary.

5. Offer to set up a televised link to the morning service for the elderly who can’t get out every week.

6. Use your phone’s GPS navigation to drop off supplies to needy church members or to give them rides to church.

7. Set up a group social media page for your Sunday school class and send them encouraging messages several times a week.

Let’s jump into the new way of doing things. It’s God’s way. It’s called living in state-of-the-art Christianity.

It’s what Jesus would do if he lived in the flesh today.

When we reach out to proclaim Jesus, we’ve aced the lessons of our Lord.

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