God’s Scrub-a-Dub

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Anyone with kids knows that bath time can easily become no more than a play session. Water splashes, someone makes a mess, and occasionally some cleaning gets done.

It’s the hidden spots we must remind our children to scrub. Between their toes, behind their ears. Armpits. Who wants to rise the shampoo from their hair when there are toy boats to play with?

We get the cleanest kid when we offer them a reward for doing a good job. Five minutes extra in the tub. A cuddle as we dry them off. A cookie. A bedtime story.

God does the same for us.

He knows our distracted natures. The fun things in life sparkle, we shift our attention, and God’s directives get shunted aside. The results of our inattention get lodged in our lives, dirt behind our ears.

Psalm 31:20 says God offers us treats when we clean up for him.

“In the cover of your presence you hide them from the plots of men; you store them in your shelter from the strife of tongues.”

What is God hiding from men? Verse 19 says he has stored away his abundant goodness for those who take refuge in him.

When we let God scrub us clean, we receive every good thing, our treat for trusting in him.

  • Financial blessings – cha-ching! In the bank.
  • Emotional support – hugs! We are loved.
  • Job offerings – hired! Our income is assured.
  • Travel mercies – safe trip! We have arrived.
  • Spiritual renewal – blessed! God is our strength.

God’s reward is our due when we walk in righteousness for him. Scrub away the sin, and we will discover his blessing everywhere we turn.

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