Our Fortress of Eternal Salvation

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So, you want to be an amazing Christian, lead the church in souls redeemed, be a witnessing champion, and set the example for everyone to follow.

Here’s how it’s done: step into the background.

Whoa, you say. That’s not what I meant. I want to be at the front of things, a leader, the one in charge.

Sure, and here’s how it’s done. Be the person doing good … in the background … that NO ONE NOTICES.

Here’s how 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says it:

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

Notice what this doesn’t say: Be the featured soloist in the choir. Campaign for the position of Pastor. Give enough to get your name on a plaque in the church’s new wing.

We don’t redeem souls from a mansion, become a witnessing champion through being a first-chair soprano, or set our best example by dressing in haute couture.

Our feet must be on the ground. We must labor at the level of the foundation, setting the stones firmly, if the church is to continue to stand tall before the world.

We build our fortress of eternal salvation by the little things we do, unseen from the pulpit, unsung from the choir, and often unacknowledged in the church bulletin.

In the hearts of the needy, however, we become the mighty warriors God wants us to be, an amazing Christian, one who will lead the church in souls redeemed, become a witnessing champion, and set an example for everyone to follow.

The last shall be first in the kingdom, just the way God intends it to be.

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