3 Instructions to Christian Excellence

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The model Christian is difficult to sculpt.

What do we mold into our image of perfection?

A smile for joy?

Or closed eyes for peace?

How do we show patience or kindness, or even goodness? Can we impress that into our model Christian? Will anyone be able to see our long-suffering, our gentleness, our faith, or our modesty?

What will reveal our self-control and chastity? They are important, too.

The Bible gives us a simpler design for our model Christian in Romans 12:12.

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

We’re provided 3 Instructions to Christian Excellence.

Instruction No. 1:

We must continually live in a hopeful attitude. We must look for opportunities to further the uplifting message of salvation in Jesus.

Instruction No. 2:

We must not be discouraged when the devil comes against us. Life will challenge our Christian walk. Jesus is our champion every day.

Instruction No. 3:

We cannot afford to let our connection with God slip into disuse. Prayer is how we discern his will for us tomorrow and the day after that.

When we have these three attributes worked into our lives, the world will look on us and see Christ through us. We will reveal the model Christian molded perfectly in the image of Jesus.

Christ is our hope, and we must strive to become like him.

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