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Truth. What is it?

Some will tell you it is absolute. Unchangeable. What was yesterday is today . . . and tomorrow and the day after that.

Others say truth is revealed in the moment. The absolutes we depend on today can change with the seasons and be a new thing with the rising of the sun.

So, truth. Where is it to be found? Where can we lay our hands on something in which we can trust, something more permanent than the stones upon which we walk, and something unaffected by the vagaries of our changing society and morals?

Jesus speaks to us from Matthew 5:8.

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

We recognize this familiar verse. Let’s break it down and see what it really tells us.

First, blessed.

To be blessed is to be looked upon favorably by God. The Master sees us as we are and wishes to make our lives better.

Next, the pure in heart.

We are pure in heart when we desire to be the person God wishes us to be, and we don’t intentionally flirt with sin.

Finally, for they shall see God.

Two meanings are in these words. We will learn to recognize God in every good thing around us, and we will also step from this world into the next to spend eternity with him.

Truth. We find it in the words of the Master. We find the words of the Master recorded in the Book of Life, the Bible.

Truth is ours when we choose to read the Bible.

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