Rooted in God’s Soil

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How tenacious are weeds?

The most virulent spread quickly, releasing seeds that shower our lawns and flowerbeds with rampant, unwanted seedlings.

The most difficult to eradicate are those that drive long roots into the ground, finding nourishment far below the surface.

It doesn’t matter how we battle them at ground level, whether we starve them, dehydrate them, or chop them off at the surface, they have a deeper source of life, and soon we’ll see their green leaves unfurling to catch the sun once more.

Here’s another problem with the roots of weeds.  It’s nearly impossible to dig them out.

Take the dandelion. It seems flimsy and weak. However, in the first days of life, the plant is driving a long tap root deep into the soil. The leaves can be fragile and effervescent fairy wings, but below the surface, the plant is a jackhammer, driving deeper and deeper at a furious rate.

Leave a little bit of dandelion root in the ground, and the entire plant will regrow with a stronger root system than before.

Christians need to be the dandelions of the spiritual world. That’s our job. How? We immerse ourselves in God’s Word and we live a life of thankfulness in him. We sink our roots into God, and we draw our life directly from his eternal source.

Psalm 106:1 reveals the roots of the firmly committed Christian.

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!”

When we are rooted in God’s soil, we can’t be destroyed. The troubles of life can’t rip our roots free. When we are battered by situations, we will unfurl new leaves, and we will come back stronger and better than before.

Our life flows from Christ, our eternal source, no matter what comes our way.

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