The Dancing Christmas Tree

A dancing tree?

You bet, you’ve seen them. Pop in the batteries, and the tree sways and jiggles, usually to a musical tune, and often with flashing lights.

Fun but sometimes irritating, and don’t forget to take out the batteries before storing it away over summer!

Norman Powers of Sheffield, Alabama, tells the story of his stepfather’s dancing Christmas tree. His stepfather passed away in 2014, but that tree remained a part of the family tradition.

One Thanksgiving, the tree was unpacked, but the battery pack remained on the table beside the tree. While the family was sitting around talking, the tree suddenly came to life, lights flashing while the tree danced away.

Was it Norman’s stepfather sending a reminder of his love, or was there a second battery pack that never got removed the previous Christmas? Norman doesn’t say, but his family likes to remember the surprise as a bit of his stepfather’s love.

Luke 2:13 invites us to join in with joy and song:

“And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God.”

Dancing a jig, with the joy of the newborn King! God sending us a reminder of his love for us. That’s God’s love sent directly to you and me!

Let’s look for the unexpected this Christmas. God will show up when we least expect him.

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