Living Life as a Boaz

God doesn’t need us.

That’s a jaw-shattering thought. We want to feel necessary. We need to be important in other people’s plans. If we’re useless, then we’re no more than peripheral baggage. We’re out of the line of sight, and we’re easily forgotten.

Yet God loves us beyond all compare.

The two most prominent features of the temple built in Solomon’s time were twin pillars of brass set into the temple’s porch. 1 Kings 7:21 tells us the right pillar was named Jachin, meaning “he shall establish,” and the left pillar was named Boaz, or “strength.”

The pillars gave no support to the temple, yet they rested in a place of significance. On the east side of the temple, they caught the morning sun, and it gleamed on the polished brass.

It must have been glorious to behold.

God sees us the same. His creation will endure whether we are here or we’re not. The clouds will continue to fill the sky, the oceans will break upon the shore, and the moon will rise in the sky. We control none of that.

Even so, surrounded by the majestic beauty of his creation, God desired more, and he created man. He set us up as the pinnacle of his creation in the most prominent location possible. He set us up to shine before him.

He named us, and we carry the pedigree of strength through his eternal word.

The problem with brass is that it tarnishes easily. The mirror-like shine is obscured bit by bit until the tarnish becomes all we can see. It’s why God has to continually polish us back to brilliance with his loving hand.

He’s intentionally set us up in a position that shows us off, and he wants us to shine before the world. He finds his joy in us, and he wants to share that with every facet of his creation.

We are the shining pillars on the porch of his creation, placed at the forefront of God’s house, and loved by God above all else he’s made.

We are loved because we’re loved, not because of what we do for God.

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Originally Published: 9-16-15

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