It’s on those sunny winter mornings when the world outside is crisp and clean that we feel drawn to the outdoors. We feel the brittle air slide down our throats, and the world seems brand new.

That’s our God, bringing us the freshness of new life in the cold of winter. He is our NIPPY God, for there is nothing crisper and cleaner than God.

Let’s look at our NIPPY God:

N – He comes as a great NOISE filled with heaven’s glory.

Ezekiel 43:2 reveals the coming of the majesty of God, for his voice makes the NOISE of many waters, and the earth shines with his glory.

I – He INHABITS that which he treasures.

Psalm 22:3 proclaims that God INHABITS the praises of his people. If we wish him to be near, we must lift our voices in celebration.

P – He provides a PARADISE for his children.

Luke 23:43 recounts Jesus speaking to the thief. “Today you will be with me in PARADISE.” We will be with him in glory if only we believe on him.

P – He PRESERVES us in his safekeeping until that final day.

Job 7:20 calls God out as the one who PRESERVES all men. Even when our world crumbles around us, his hand keeps us from all harm.

Y – He is our YET God.

Nahum 2:8 shouts the magnificence of God. There is no great glory in living a life beaten down by sin. The glory comes to us in the word “yet.” The Word says that even though the devil comes after us, when God speaks “yet,” the enemy must flee.

Jesus daily brings us into a new life where we can be refreshed in our souls.

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