God's Seven Blessings

When our children are disobedient, we cannot bless them with the bounty we would like. They haven’t proven they can accept the responsibility that goes with the blessings.

However, obedient children earn the right to enjoy all the blessings we can shower upon them. We know they will handle them wisely.

God feels the same way. In fact, in Deuteronomy 28:1-14, God gives us seven blessings that will come our way if we obey his Word.

Blessing #1:

He will give us honor among the people around us.

The only condition for this honor is to observe all the commandments he has given us in his Word.

Blessing #2:

We will not be able to escape all the good things he wishes to give us.

When we listen to the voice of God, his blessings will come and find us wherever we may happen to be. They will literally chase us down, whether in our homes, at our jobs, or as we travel the most remote areas of the globe.

Blessing #3:

Everything we touch will prosper.

Our children will make us proud. We will be successful at our place of employment. Our pantries will be packed, our gas tanks filled, and our bank accounts solvent.

Blessing #4:

We will never know the end of all God wants to do for us.

The Scriptures tell us that we will be blessed when we come in, and we will be blessed when we go out. As we live out our lives, his blessings will continue to flow through everything we do.

Blessing #5:

God will fight our battles for us.

Not only will God be our champion, the enemy will be so frightened at God’s majestic power that he will come at us head on, but at the sight of God, the enemy will scatter in seven different directions.

Blessing #6:

The Father will oversee all that he has given us.

He wishes to make us his holy people, and his hand on us will be an example to the world. Everyone will see us and be afraid to go against us, for they will know God’s blessings are upon us.

Blessing #7:

He will make us the head and not the tail.

The treasures of heaven will shower us, and we will channel our blessings to those around us. We will be givers of advice to those without direction; we will be the face of God before all people; and they will know his majesty through us.

God’s bounty knows no limits. When we follow his commands, the windows of heaven are opened, and he showers his blessings on us.

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