5-Star Jam

We all love to share our favorites. We recommend the restaurant we visited last night, the movie we saw, even our newest electronic device. “You have to do this, watch this, have this,” we crow. Our enthusiasm is boundless for what we consider excellent.

How about our breakfast jam? Do we go on and on about the excellence inside that little jar, the exquisite fruity flavor that rolls across the tongue, the spicy cinnamon sharpness, and the lingering aftertaste of perfection?

If we’ve tasted 5-star jam we will.

Let’s turn that to us as Christians. Do the people who know us go on and on about our excellence, the enjoyment they find in our company, the presence of Christ that imbues us, and how they think of us fondly when we are away?

James 1:17-18 tells us how we can become 5-star Christians. It is not by good works or high-born status. No, it is much simpler. We receive our excellent status by the grace of the Almighty Father. It is a gift to us that we do not deserve, and the Father gives it to us freely.

Verse 17 tells us that every good gift we receive comes directly from the Father in heaven. It is impossible for God to behave otherwise, for he remains unchanging until the ends of the earth.

Verse 18 tells us that God has chosen to offer us his divine path of righteousness, so that we may be an example of the best of all his creation.

What does that mean to us? God has created us to be 5-star jam. We are to present ourselves as the firstfruits of his creation, the very best of what God has put upon this world, so that people will go on and on about our excellence in Christ. Then people will recommend us to others with boundless enthusiasm. When we are in Christ, and people recommend us to others, they unknowingly share Christ in the same breath.

God wants his excellence to shine in everything we do, because that will draw others to him.

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Originally Published: 10-10-13 in Evangelism

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