Ducks in a Row

We’ve all played that carnival game, where the ducks come up, and we shoot them down. One looks pretty much the same as another, unless a prize duck appears. Take it out, and the big prize is ours.

Jesus knew he would be part of that carnival shooting gallery. He had spent three years skirting the antagonism of the Jewish religious leaders. During those three years, the attacks against him had been spread out, with times of recovery in between. No longer. Jesus knew that when he entered Jerusalem the final time, he would begin the fulfillment of the final prophesies about his life. He would also begin the fulfillment of the final prophesies about his death.

He would become no more than a Duck in a Row.

In Luke 22:37-38 Jesus recites prophesy from Isaiah 53, where Isaiah proclaims the Christ would be reckoned among the transgressors—the ducks in the shooting gallery—when he hung upon the tree.

Jesus knew he would become one of the ducks mounted high above Golgotha, but oh, he knew he would become much more. Jesus would not be just one of the ducks, he would be that prize duck, the one that everyone wants to claim for their own.

The Jewish leaders had no idea just what they were doing. They had targeted Jesus, the biggest prize of them all. The Jewish leaders thought they would fire their toy rifles, and Jesus would fall, never to rise again. The Jewish leaders thought taking down Jesus meant the game was already won. However, they did not see the true picture. In a shooting gallery, when the duck falls, it always rises once again.

Jesus was indeed the prize duck, and when he went down, he was not defeated at all. In fact, the entire world leaped in rejoicing, for Jesus would rise again, never to be defeated.

When we feel that we are no more than a duck in a shooting gallery, we only need to look for Jesus. When anyone takes a potshot at our Christ, he simply rises again, bigger and stronger than ever, and when we cling to him, we rise right at his side.

When we go down clinging to Jesus, we come up again, stronger than before.

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Originally Published: 10-6-13 in Salvation

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