Jesus on the Flip Side

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Old-time vinyl records had songs on both sides. The drawback was that only one song could be played at a time. The second was on the flip side. The listener had to make a choice as to which one he wanted to hear first.

In our Christian walk, we have to choose, also. On one side we find our houses and families. On the other side we have the kingdom of God. Both are good choices, and both are available to us as God-given options.

However, which one is on our flip side?

Luke 18:28-30 reveals the disciples in a dilemma. They had been convinced that Jesus would lead them to eventual riches. Peter says, “But we gave up everything, even a prosperous fishing career, to follow you. What do we get in return?”

Jesus replies, “Your homes are important. Your parents need you, as do your brothers. If you have wives and children, they are an important part of your responsibilities. However, these things cannot come before the Father.”

We should not mistake Jesus’ reply to mean we should walk away from our responsibilities when we consecrate our lives unto him. Rather, he is telling us to choose which side of the record we will listen to first. Will we listen to the calling of the Lord, or will we choose our homes and families first?

Will we leave Jesus on the flip side, only listening to him after we have exhausted our interest in the things of this world?

In Verse 30 Jesus tells us that if we choose him first, we will also receive an abundance of all the other things we need in this life, whether homes, parents, brothers, wives, or children. He will not deny us these things if we choose him. He simply wants them to be on our flip side.

He wants us to choose him first.

Choosing Jesus doesn’t mean giving up everything else. Rather, we must allow God to take first place.

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Rewind Wednesday: Originally Published on September 04, 2013 in Discipleship

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