Carrying Out God’s Plan

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What’s on God’s drawing board?

More specifically, what commitments to God have you yet to fulfill?

What promises did you make a year ago, two, a decade, or even a lifetime ago?

Then there’s our church’s building fund. Where does the balance stand? How soon can construction get started at the current pace?

And what about our mission’s commitment? When did we last write a check to that missionary we agreed to support?

Proverbs 14:23 says:

“In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.”

It boils down to this: Are we willing to back up our words with our wallet?

Or the sweat of our brow . . . or our teaching skills . . . or our lawn equipment . . . or our painting skills . . .

What we have is what God expects of us to further his kingdom.

Maybe all you have is a phone line. Can you call people, maybe those who missed church last Sunday? Wish them a swift recovery or refresh their welcome in your Sunday school class or invite them over for lunch next Sunday afternoon.

There’s something you can do, no matter how insignificant you feel or how much life has battered you.

You can do this. You have a part to play in carrying out God’s plan. Get involved today.

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