Who Needs Cruella?

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We know the story of the dalmatians.

101, in fact.

The movie is iconic, the story of a wealthy socialite that desires to take what doesn’t belong to her.

Or sing Beethoven’s song. That’s a movie, too. An adored dog saves a family from the clutches of an evil couple to whom money is more important than kindness.

We root for the poor person, not the wealthy snoot. Who hasn’t seen It’s a Wonderful Life and cheered on George as he fights for the little guy?

Proverbs 16:19 tells us why we have this divide in the cheering section.

“It is better to be of a lowly spirit with the poor than to divide the spoil with the proud.”

We’ve watched the good ole boys of Hazard County run from Boss Hogg, and we never want to see Boss win. Never.

Even if the sheriff has all the money. And the fancy car. And the big house.

It’s not cool to hold your nose in the air and put on airs.

Why else do we find Tiny Tim so heartwarming and Scrooge (rich and prosperous) so infuriating?

You got what you deserve, we yell at the screen, when Christmas Future reveals the beggars grubbing over his life’s leftovers.

Let’s live with grace. Let’s exemplify kindness. Let’s be the person others want to spend time with, the aunt, the uncle, the grandfather that holds out open arms and gives away whatever they have.

We are closer to God when we draw others to us.

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