Our Heart His Mission

If 2021 was your year for stress, and you struggled with finding the will of God, you need this devotional and the companion journal.

From Jill Barker, the South Texas Women's Ministries Director:

Our Heart His Mission is a collaboration (something women are good at) between Laura Yarbrough, myself, and the women of the South Texas Assemblies of God.

Laura put the bug in my ear, and when I spoke to my husband, Tim, he was immediately onboard. Then came Covid-19 to challenge our plans to bring this book into print.

Closures. Quarantines. Working from home. We missed the connection of Sunday mornings, weekly outings, and shared experiences with our families and friends.

Yet, if 2020 taught us anything, it was to step back and evaluate our lives. Staying home and quarantining made us realize just how special our time together in Jesus really is. Our dream for this book didn’t fade. It became more vital than before.

It was an opportunity for God to speak a Word of power over the challenges we faced. We needed to break through the roadblocks the devil was throwing against us. One of those breakthroughs came in Melissa Kautz, who accepted this project as her own and forged ahead, a powerhouse of efficiency who got things done.

The book, Our Heart His Mission, is a result of the ladies in our South Texas District opening their hearts and revealing the truths God was speaking into their lives throughout the devastation of 2020. Ladies across our district, sharing their hearts, refusing to give up, still on a mission for Jesus.

We all have stories of God’s goodness to tell. Be inspired to write your own. Like the devotions in this book, it may become a blessing to someone who needs to hear your story of God’s amazing grace.

Devotional Paperback  $15.00

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Excerpt of the Day

It's time to call in the reinforcements. It's time to call in Jesus.

From Our Infamous Stalker,  Posted 07 September 2014