5 Conditions for Prosperity

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So, you want God to prosper you.

You want God’s good things to come your way.

You’ve rounded up the promise verses in the Word, and you’re ready for God to bring them to fruition in your life.

God says, “Now it’s your turn. What are you willing to do to gain my prosperity?”

2 Chronicles 31:21 tells us:

“And every work that he undertook in the service of the house of God and in accordance with the law and the commandments, seeking his God, he did with all his heart, and prospered.”

Here are the 5 Conditions We Must Satisfy for God to Prosper Us.

Our 1st Condition:

“… in the service of the house of God …”

Prosperity comes to us when we are in God’s service. We don’t receive prosperity for our own benefit. God’s prosperity is to further his kingdom.

Our 2nd Condition:

“… in accordance with the law …”

We must align ourselves with the legal guidelines governing our situation. No shady income. No tax evasion. No concealed assets.

Our 3rd Condition:

“… in accordance with the commandments …”

We have eleven, ten from Moses and another from Jesus. Follow them. Do what they say. If we don’t, God has no call to fill up our bank accounts.

Our 4th Condition:

“… seeking his God …”

Where is God in your plans? Leave him out, and the rest falls apart. Our prosperity comes to us hand in hand with our connection to God.

Our 5th Condition:

“… he did with all his heart …”

No waffling allowed. We must jump in with both feet, all in. Give your business efforts every opportunity to be successful. If God is in what you’re doing, you and your business will come out on top.

God does want to prosper you. He does want good things to come your way. His promise verses are for you.

Now it’s your turn. Go all in.

We will prosper in God when we choose to follow his plan.

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