2 Times Joseph’s Blessing Benefited Others

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Why does God shower his blessing on us?

Why does the Father answer our prayers when we ask in faith and believe for the answer?

If the answer is for us to feel good or have our need met, that’s correct as far as it goes, but it’s only part of the answer.

God showers more than enough on us so that it can spill over onto those around us.

Let’s look at two times God blessed Joseph and the blessing Joseph received overflowed onto the people around him.

The 1st Overflowing Blessing:

Genesis 39:1-23 describes events after Joseph was sold into slavery in the house of Potiphar, one of Pharaoh’s officers.

Potiphar saw God’s hand on Joseph’s life and made him overseer of his house and all that he had. Verse 5 tells us “the Lord blessed the Egyptian’s house for Joseph's sake.”

Not only was Joseph blessed with reward for his faith in God, his Egyptian master increased in favor and wealth because of Joseph.

The 2nd Overflowing Blessing:

Genesis 41:37-46 underscores Joseph’s rise to the top of the Egyptian power chain.

After spending time in prison, Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream, and as a reward, Pharaoh placed Joseph as the second highest authority in the kingdom. Verse 40 gives us Pharaoh’s words: “All my people shall order themselves as you command.”

Joseph’s new position of power blessed the entire nation with enough food to survive the upcoming famine.

Joseph was enslaved, then wrongly accused of sexual assault by his master’s wife. He languished behind bars, forgotten by those who had offered to help him. Joseph must have felt abandoned by God and that his future was too dark to endure.

Not so. God was preparing Joseph for a mighty future.

Through his continual dependence on the Lord, Joseph became a blessing to others when he refused to give up on his faith in God.

Your faith in Jesus benefits more than just you. Your faithful walk with God showers blessings on those who share your life.

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