Traveling in Style

Who remembers the Dodge Omni?

Yeah, the boxy 4-door people mover produced from 1977-1990. If you had one or knew someone who did, likely it was in the drive, at the grocery store, or delivering the kids to after-school practice.

One place you never saw the Omni was in a place of honor. No center stage review here. The Omni was all about function … and basic function at that.

No one got excited about the Dodge Omni. But a Ferrari or a Lamborghini … that would get your blood pumping. Or a Corvette or an Oldsmobile 442 … now we’re talking.

See, living life as a Christian Omni isn’t what God has in mind for us. That’s a boring way to travel through life. God wants us revved up in him, supercharged to do his work.

Ephesians 4:23 is our high-powered racing fuel:

“Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.”

Vroom, vroom, supercharger whining, wheels spinning, smoking the world with the Word of God.

Let’s toss off our people-mover attitude and become Ferraris for Christ. When people see the excitement of Christ in us, they’ll want to join us on the road to salvation and life everlasting in Jesus.

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It's time to call in the reinforcements. It's time to call in Jesus.

From Our Infamous Stalker,  Posted 07 September 2014