God Offers You a Fresh Start

Ever had one of those days?

Yeah, the sort that drags on and never seems to end? Time is quicksand, and you’re sinking faster than the clock can wind forward.

Even your prayers swirl in a black maelstrom of defeat, whisked away before they can reach heaven.

God says, “A new day is coming! Hold on, my child. I’m on the way!”

We read of our refreshing in Psalm 5:3:

“O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.”

This verse describes the change of attitude that a fresh day can bring. The old day is banished, and we eagerly await God’s goodness with expectation in our thoughts.

First, we learn that “in the morning you hear my voice.” It’s hard to find refreshment when we’re tired and overwhelmed. Slow down and put some space between you and what’s come against you. You’ll feel better when you do.

Second, we are to “prepare a sacrifice” for God, meaning the requests we are willing to lay before him and walk away from. Our needs become sacrificial in our prayer time when we turn them over completely to God.

Finally, we “watch.” Biblically, this means we wait in expectation that our answer is ripe for the harvest. It’s already on the way. It will soon be ours to reach out and take.

So, when the quicksand of life refuses to release you, take a breath, step away, and find your resting place in God. He is listening. He wants to hear from his children.

We can be shrouded in peace when our assurance comes from the Lord.

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