God Is Our Rest

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Life isn’t good for everyone.

The past – we can’t undo that. Things that happened to us as children remain embedded in our thoughts.

Illness – the chronic kind. It comes back again and again, even when we claim healing.

Relationships – we sabotage them repeatedly. We can never get it right.

God wraps his arms around us and tells us everything will be okay. The past is our past, and he doesn’t wipe it from our memory, but it will be okay, anyway.

Isaiah 14:3 is our consolation.

“… The Lord shall give you rest from your sorrow, and from your fear, and from the hard bondage wherein you were made to serve.”

Your sorrow, it can’t bring you distress any longer.

Fear is from yesterday. You are delivered today.

Whatever your hard bondage was – abuse, drugs, a financial wasteland, relationships – God releases you.

God wants to be our comfort and our rest. He wants to be the peace that gets us through every storm.

Reach out to God. Give him your troubles. His shoulders are broad, and he can carry each one.

God is the peace that smooths every rough path we cross.

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