And Sickness Shall Flee

An educator in a small town just west of Fort Worth, Texas, had worked hard to improve her family’s fortunes. In 2013, after years of extra university work, she accepted an administrative position in her school district. She celebrated her success (and her extra pay) with a new car of exceptional style.

Then disaster struck. In 2015, she was diagnosed with cancer. How could this be? She had a husband and a young daughter. Her fortunes were on the rise. She even professed a church background. Where had God gone, that this should happen to her?

Luke 5:24 tells us:

“But that you may know that the Son of Man has power upon earth to forgive sins, …I say unto you, Arise, and take up your couch, and go into your house.”

God’s presence in our life isn’t determined by our sickness or our health. His love for us isn’t reflected by our bank book, whether we have money or we don’t. God doesn’t bless the faithful with a loving family, while the weak of heart are forced to live alone. That’s not the modus operandi of our Heavenly Father.

He does, however, understand who we are as flawed humanity. He knows we need to feel his reassuring hand. He connects with our needs, and he sees how easily we doubt his presence in our lives.

That small town educator recovered. It wasn’t easy. The treatments were tedious and wearing. Some days she could barely walk the floor. Yet, she had a husband who was her rock. Her daughter, now a young teen, pampered her with pedicures (and a lot of love!). Her job awaited her. God still loved her.

Why does God heal the sick? Because we need it. Because our faith will falter if he doesn’t. Because it proves that he is the God who has power over sin and death.

God heals the sick because he is God, and he needs no other reason. When he speaks, sickness shall flee. When he speaks, sin is banished. When he speaks, our world is made right, and we know him as the Awesome One, the Bright and Morning Star, the Holy One, Adonai.

God’s love to us is proved by his touch on every portion of everything we do.

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