The Yin Pollutes the Yang

Opposites. They make the world function as it should.

Take two magnets, put the opposing poles together, and we can create an electric motor.

Male and female did God make the creatures of all the earth.

Without the night, the day would never return. We would fry in the blast of eternal sunshine (and get very sleepy, too).

Yin and Yang is an Oriental concept that illustrates the opposing forces of life. Everything is a balance of opposites. If we have this, we must expect that.

Yet, in a garden, if we allow the weeds to grow up with the good plants, they will suck the nutrients out of the soil, and our crops will suffer as they mature. We want one without the other.

Yin without yang.

Matthew 13:26 falls in the midst of a parable about the gospel of Christ. Jesus uses something very familiar to his disciples to illustrate the point he’s making.

Jesus speaks about planting crops.

“But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also.”

Yin and yang. It’s in our churches, our relationships, and scattered throughout our walk with Christ. Opposites. It’s to be expected.

Jesus didn’t say to yank the tares out, either. In Verse 30, he cautions:

“Let both grow together until the harvest [at which time] gather the wheat into my barn.”

Only God has the wisdom and ability to accurately decide which is the good blade, and which is the tare. In our enthusiasm, we might very well pull God’s seedling from the ground, and it will die in the field rather than producing a good crop for him.

It’s the reason why factions are tolerated within the body of Christ. Along with the tares we find the good plants, and they will bring forth good fruit for the kingdom.

Let’s leave the weeding up to him.

When life doesn’t give us what we want, we must remember that God is the master at bringing forth something out of nothing.

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Originally Published 8-21-15 in Relationships

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