Looking Forward to God’s Blessing

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We’ve heard it said that we can speak things into existence.

That’s rather like God. He spoke, and all creation flashed into being, from the earth under our feet to the distant stars in the heavens.

We can do that, only it’s not quite the same.

Here’s how it works with us. What we say begins to focus our thoughts and intentions. Once we speak a direction we want to go, we begin to travel that path.

For example, we dream of going to Hawaii. We never tell anyone, but the dream remains. We go to work, come home, mow the grass, and invite friends over for a cookout. Life is pleasant, we never mention Hawaii, and soon, our kids are grown, and retirement is on the horizon.

Now let’s go a different direction. We have the same job, mow the same yard, and still invite our friends over, but we talk about how much we’d enjoy visiting Hawaii. We start saving, a friend tells us of a good deal on airline tickets, and soon our vacation begins to seem real.

The same happens with negative words. We talk of losing our job, and that affects how we apply ourselves at work. We moan of our bad health, and we begin to give in to our aches and pains.

God says we need to look up. What we say speaks things into existence.

Proverbs 10:24 says:

“What the wicked dreads will come upon him, but the desire of the righteous will be granted.”

Let’s speak health. Let’s talk about prosperity. Let’s discuss the goodness of God even when things aren’t going well. Our words will change our attitude, affect how we perceive the situation, and we will move closer and closer to success in Christ.

When we call upon the Lord, his power changes things in our lives.

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