Picture Perfect

It is our wedding day. For weeks we have prepped and primped, the cakes have been ordered, and the best photographer money can buy is lined up at our disposal.

We want the images in the photographers camera to be a snapshot of perfection. When we open that album in the months and years to come, we want everyone to know how happy we were on that day, even if our stomachs were queasy with doubt and everything possible went wrong.

We are well aware that it is what people see that tells the truth as we wish it to be known.

What truth do people see in the snapshot of our daily Christian walk? Are we kind and willing to help our fellow man? Or are we aloof, criticizing those who stumble and have trouble getting back up?

1 Corinthians 8:3 makes it very clear what God wants to see. The previous two verses decry knowledge as nothing but vanity. If our Christian snapshot is of our Masters in Divinity, or if we can quote the Bible in detail, then we are wise for the sake of ourselves and ourselves alone. However, Verse 3 reveals the image of a man who truly loves God.

It is only in the love of the Lord that our snapshot reveals perfection. When people see that we have love for our fellow man, they will find the love of God in us, and they will know the truth that God can set them free. We will have become picture perfect in the eyes of the Lord.

The only important thing people must find in us is Jesus. They will see him when we show his love to those around us in need.

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