2 Features of Our Love Program

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Attend a school play.

Or the opera, a wedding, or a graduation ceremony.

Even a funeral … you’ll receive a program telling exactly what’s happening first, next, and at the end.

Every song, every verse, every action … it’s all in there so we know exactly what’s coming next.

For example, take your Sunday morning bulletin. Most churches outline the songs, where the offering falls, even the pastor’s message and the final prayer. It’s all in there, so there are no questions just what’s taking place.

Every feature is spelled out in black and white for that specific event.

Our wedding program wouldn’t include a half-time. That would be weird. It only applies to a football game.

Viewing of the body? It’s a funeral thing, not appropriate for a graduation ceremony.

It would be unusual for an opera to have an opening monologue, but it would fit perfectly into the program for a comedy revue.

What about our love program? You know, the things people should expect from us when we share the love of Christ?

What’s on our list of things that we must do?

1 John 3:18 gives us 2 Features of Our Love Program:

“Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”

Here’s what people expect when we say we’re a Christian: action and truth, the physical expression of Christ through us unto them.

Feature No. 1: We must act out our love through physical action.

Feature No. 2: Our actions must reflect the truth Jesus came to earth to share with mankind.

It’s that simple. Actions that reflect the reality of Jesus’ love are what count, not easy platitudes. If we say, “I love you, and so does Jesus,” and we don’t offer them a meal, give them a ride to church, make sure their pantry is stocked … the electric bill is paid … their roof is repaired …

You’re getting it now. The world hears what we say when our actions back up our words.

We show the love of Jesus, not with words, but in the things we do.

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