The Hard Rock of the Word

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Modern brake pads in our cars are things of wonder.

We don’t think about them much, if ever. Yet, they stop our cars and keep us from hitting small children, trees, or other cars.

They also slow us around curves, help us creep over speed bumps, and prevent us from barreling down mountains at a breakneck speed.

Here’s how brakes work: They are constantly being rubbed away by pressure against the rotors. If our brake pads wear too thin, we can unexpectedly careen into obstacles we could have easily avoided otherwise.

Here’s the wonder in modern brake pads: They have hard, non-wearing particles in their core, hard rocks that are exposed only when the pad begins to wear thin. The particles rub against the wheels’ metallic rotors and scream at us to service our brake pads.

That’s God’s Word for us. It can help us avoid the obstacles in life, prevent us from barreling into spiritual oblivion, and keep us from careening unexpectedly into sin and the chaos of wrongdoing.

1 John 2:17 says:

“And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.”

Our physical world is in a constant state of decay. It takes regular maintenance just to keep things working. Let them go for a week or a year or a decade, and the decay can become irreversible.

God’s Word and its instructions for daily living are the hard, non-wearing particles (the hard rocks) that tell us when our morals are wearing thin, that keep us on the righteous path, and that keep us from careening down the broad road into spiritual desolation.

When God’s Word says something needs a correction, let’s pay attention. The Word is never wrong.

It’s time to break out our Bibles and to get into the Word.

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