Our Up-to-Date Spiritual ID

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What’s your proof of who you are?

You know, like your birth certificate, your driver’s license, your library card that guarantees you have access to the best resources in the building.

You can’t afford to head out on the town without your phone and your credit cards. You’d be stymied on every turn if people had no idea who you were.

Your face alone isn’t enough to get you into places with limited access, to the best seat in the house, and out the door when it’s time to settle up.

You need something more, a way to guarantee you will pay the bill. It’s the only way you can walk out with the goods.

That applies to our relationship with God, also.

Nahum 1:7 describes our up-to-date ID with God:

“The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him.”

Here’s the thing: God doesn’t shower his blessing on just anyone.

Sure, good things happen to the unchurched as well as those who worship the Lord, but that doesn’t mean they have God’s blessing. Life happens, good as well as badto everyone. As the saying goes, it rains on the just as well as the unjust. That’s the nature of life.

Our relationship with God is a horse of a different color. To receive God’s special blessing, we must prove we are his children.

How? Let’s look back to our verse.

“He knows those who take refuge in him.”

How do we take refuge in God? Through prayer, reading of his Word, and time spent with our fellow Christians.

Let’s keep our spiritual ID up to date. Let’s find time to reconnect with God.

God will know who we are when we spend time with him.

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