Power in Reserve

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A diligent athlete practices running 15 miles if he wants to win a 10-mile race.

A successful automotive racing team over-engineers their cars so they won’t break in the heat of the action.

The electric company builds excess capacity into their plants so that in the hottest or coldest weather, they have power to meet the demand.

What parent starts on a vacation to Disneyworld with no tickets, no cash, and no credit cards? That’s a scenario for disaster. It’s always going to cost, and more than we expect.

We must live prepared, keep a cash reserve for emergencies, and eat a good breakfast to start the day. Fuel the car the night before, check the roof before the storm, and save for retirement for 40 years.

Luke 12:35 tells us how it’s done.

“Stay dressed for action and keep your lamps burning.”

This is about thinking ahead, considering the pitfalls, and making sure we don’t burn our candles until they are all gone. If we do, when the power goes out, we’ll be stumbling around in the darkness, barely able to avoid stubbing our toe.

Here are five ways to keep our lamps burning:

  • Spiritually, it’s vital to keep our lives centered on Jesus.
  • Financially, never spend all we’ve got.
  • Emotionally, have a good friend on speed dial.
  • Physically, get out of our chair and walk . . . exercise . . . do something.
  • In our church and community, volunteer and get involved.

When we commit to a lifetime of preparedness, we’re building a network of support that will protect us when our energy flags. Our network will be our reserve power to shore up our defenses and get us to another day.

Christ is our strength, our power held in reserve for every situation.

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