Concrete Enclave

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If we want sturdy walls, we need to build from a sturdy medium.

Wood, sheetrock, and insulation make for a quick and affordable building, but when we need long-lasting protection, we want concrete.

Several years ago, a hurricane blew through Florida. A media crew hunkered down in a concrete dome house right on the beach. They watched houses blow away all around them. When the storm ended, that concrete house stood all alone on the beach, as good as the day it was constructed.

Life comes at us like a hurricane. The winds pick up, everything we know and trust is whipped about, and the downpour of disasters is greater than we could have imagined.

Where’s our concrete enclave, our sturdy construction, the strong walls that we need to protect us?

Psalm 16:8 tells us our protection is at our side.

“I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.”

Here’s the trick to making this verse count, and we find it in the first eight words.

I have set the Lord always before me.

Let’s look at that passage more carefully.

I have set . . .

This is a choice we make, and it’s up to us. The Lord doesn’t just jump into the way of our troubles. We must choose him.

. . . the Lord always . . .

We can’t choose the Lord just when it’s convenient and go our own way when our troubled times subside. Always means always.

. . . before me.

Before me means the Lord comes first. We place him high in our priorities, and we set aside things we want to do to follow in his revealed will.

God is our strength and our fortress, and the door is open and waiting for us to enter.

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