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An automotive endurance race, such as the Dakar Rally, puts a strain on the most well-engineered car. The major obstacle is sand, and lots of it. The drivers must be mechanics as well, to keep their cars in working order.

Drive the Peking to Paris Rally for a completely different encounter. Or try the Alpine Trial, the Himalayan Challenge, or Rally New Zealand. These are car-killer courses.

Each of these races presents hair-raising snippets of doubt as well as podium-cheering moments of exhilarating success. The one thing consistent through each of them is the need for a car that can endure across any terrain.

The cars need to be able to survive whatever the road throws at them.

Revelation 14:12 applies this to our Christian walk.

“Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus.”

We must be all-terrain Christians, able to go anywhere and under any conditions, and still maintain our Christian principles. We can’t afford to go off-track or break down along the way. At work, when our boss criticizes us unfairly, our response must be respectful. Our daughter or son, misbehaving yet again, deserves a kind word.

We must square our shoulders, put our spiritual transmission into gear, and forge ahead, through all situations, and complete the race, no matter the terrain life takes us through. When our engine coughs or spits, we lift the hood, make adjustments, and get behind the wheel once more.

When God is our mechanic, even our breakdowns are no more than hiccups along life’s road.

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